Victor Thruster TK-Ryuga (Lee Zii Jia) 4UG5

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  • 2021 All England Champion Lee Zii Jia racket. 
  • Launched in 2020. Still consider the newest model of the Thruster series.
  • A high performance racket that is similar to Yonex Astrox 99 or Astrox 100zz badminton racket. 
  • The use of PYROFIL carbon fibre in its shaft is to provide for greater shock absorption. It is an advanced high performance and ultra light material from Japan.
  • Able to support higher string tensions (up to 31lbs) as it is built with Power Box Technology which increases the stability of the frame.
  • By having a softer material at the throat of the racket (The Whipping Enhancement System), it increases the speed of the racket head and eventually will help you to achieve steeper and faster attacks. 
  • Head heavy racket with a stiff shaft allows you to have more power and control on your shots. 
  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced players who likes to play aggressive and often smash.  


Flexibility: Stiff
Frame Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY
Shaft Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.8 SHAFT
Weight: 4U (83 grams)
Grip Size: G5
Color: Flame Red
Stringing advice: 20 - 31 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Ezra Ali Mohamed Eusoff
Awesome Racket

One of the best rackets I've used... Every shot has an added dose of power due to the built of the racket... Highly recommended for those who like smashes... Also excellent service from Titan Badminton...