NEW 2022 Yonex Arcsaber 7 Tour (83 grams)

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  • 2022 model developed by Yonex Japan and Made in Taiwan.
  • Mid range version of the new Arcsaber 7 Pro racket. 
  • More affordable and was made very similar to the high end Arcsaber 7 Pro racket.
  • Same as Arcsaber 7 Pro, the frame stability has been enhanced by making the top and bottom part of the frame stiffer to minimize any distortion and twisting. The sides of the frame are made softer for more flexibility around the sweet spot to increase shuttle hold and comfort when hitting. 

  • The racket also has another new technology, the Pocketing Booster which is lined at both sides of the frame. It allows the frame to flex more for better shuttle hold performance.

  • An improved isometric frame that creates larger and more forgiving sweet spot for more accurate shots. 


  • The recommended tension for this racket has also been increased to 27lbs as compared to the previous model of 24lbs. This is because the frame is improved and made stronger. 
  • A softer shaft made this racket more user friendly as it helps to generate more power. 
  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced players who are looking for an all-around and great control racket.


Flexibility: Medium
Frame Material: H.M Graphite / POCKETING BOOSTER
Shaft Material: HM Graphite
Weight: 4U (83 grams)
Grip Size: G5
Color: Gray Yellow
Stringing advice: 19 - 27 lbs
Made in Taiwan

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