New 2021 Yonex Astrox 99 PRO (White Tiger) 83 grams

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  • Made in Japan
  • An upgrade version of the Astrox 99 racket, built with new technology and material for better performance. 
  • Kento Momota exclusive racket.
  • This racket was built alongside with World No.1 men's single Kento Momota to provide the best offensive racket to advanced players. 
  • The Astrox 99 is known as a head-heavy power racket in the Astrox series and yet the new Astrox 99 PRO has installed Power-Assist Bumper at the top of the frame, adding more weight to the head of the frame for more powerful smashes


  • Same as the PRO series for Astrox 88S/D, the new Astrox 99 PRO also uses Volume Cut Resin to enhance the durability of the frame while maintaining its current weight, giving you more control and faster recovery between shots. This has also taken the redefined Rotational Generator System to the next level. 
  • Larger diameter grommets are placed at both sides of the frame for more string movement, increasing shuttle hold for maximum power.


  • A new and more isometric square-shaped head than the previous model. This creates a larger and expanded sweet spot, more user friendly as it is able to have more accurate shot


  • Designed for intermediate to advanced players whose playing style is offensive. 


Flexibility: Stiff
Frame Material: H.M. Graphite / Namd / Volume Cut Resin / Tungsten
Shaft Material: H.M. Graphite / Namd
Weight: 4U (83 grams)
Grip Size: G5
Color: White Tiger
Stringing advice: 20 - 28 lbs