New 2021 Yonex Astrox 88 S Pro (Skill) 83 grams

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  • Made in Japan
  • An upgrade version of the Astrox 88S racket, built with new technology and material for better performance. 
  • Incorporated new material, the Volume Cut Resin that increase durability and strength of the material while reducing the weight.
  • New generation Rotational Generator System is introduced as a result of employing the Volume Cut Resin.

  • With the new Rotational Generator System, you can hardly feel the heavy head if you are not swinging the racket and when stationary, it is like an even balance racket. 
  • A new and more isometric square-shaped head than the previous model. This creates a larger and expanded sweet spot, making it more user friendly. 

  • With the new material, the frame width has also been expanded to increase shuttle speed and making shots more powerful. 
  • The grommets has also been improved by using a larger diameter grommets at both sides of the frame for more string movement. This is to allow players to have more precise net control. 

  • Designed for intermediate to advanced players who likes to play mostly at the front of the court with skill, control and decisive attacks

Flexibility: Stiff
Frame Material: H.M. Graphite / Volume Cut Resin / Tungsten
Shaft Material: H.M. Graphite / Namd
Weight: 4U (83 grams)
Grip Size: G5
Color: Emerald Blue
Stringing advice: 20 - 28 lbs


Customer Reviews

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Hoon Jiang Goh
Service & Racket

Ordered at night, ready for pickup tomorrow noon. Racket string and grip assembled very good. Recommended for intermediate and advanced player, despite head heavy racket but is actually pretty light. Control aspect is very nice, smashing definitely don't shy in that aspect. Control 9/10. Smashing 8.5/10.

Alex Ng

New 2021 Yonex Astrox 88 S Pro (Skill) 83 grams

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fast delivery