Choosing your first badminton racket

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Choosing your first badminton racket

Hey Friends,

Are you looking for a badminton racket, but am confused with the many offerings and choices that are currently in stores or online? What are all the jargons like balance points, shaft flexibility, weight and will it affect my playing style? Look no further! You’ve come to the right page and we will help you in choosing your first racket!


How to choose a badminton racket.

Firstly, you need to know what is your playing style. Are you a power player, speed player or an all-round player?

Basically, there are 3 important factors that you need to consider. The most important one is the balance point of the racket, followed by shaft flexibility and weight of the racket.

Balance Point

There are 3 different categories mainly:

  • Head Heavy – weight is more towards the head.
  • Even Balance – weight is evenly distributed throughout the racket.
  • Head Light – weight is more towards the handle.

Balance Point


Head Heavy

·       Ideal for power play or rear court players.

·       Players who often like to smash or play clear shots.

Even Balance

·       Suitable for all-rounder.

·       It gives you power when you are playing at the back of the court and speed when playing at the front of the court.

·       Versatile in all types of games.

Head Light

·       Suitable for defensive or speed players.

·       Helps you to react fast in your rallies.







Shaft Flexibility




·       More control of shuttle placement and faster shots.

·       Power may be lacking if player do not have a good technique as a stiffer shaft requires a stronger swing for power.

·       Ideal for experienced or intermediate to advanced players.

Medium Flex

·       Medium accuracy

·       More user friendly than a stiff racket.

·       Racket can help generate power as shaft is slightly flexible. 

·       Suitable for all level of players.

Hi Flex

·       Very flexible shaft, poor accuracy

·       Racket itself will help you a lot in generating power. Requires very little arms strength for power.

·       Ideal for beginners that do not have good technique



Weight Size

Weight (g)


Avg. 98


Avg. 93


Avg. 88


Avg. 83


Avg. 78

F / 6U

Avg. 73

2F / 7U

Avg. 68


Lightweight rackets usually give you more speed but less power. Slightly heavier rackets will have more power but speed may be slower.

A 3U racket will be a good balance between power and speed for singles players. Doubles players will usually use a lighter racket such as a 4U racket for more speed to defend smashes and to play at the front court.

If you are a beginner or a casual player, you may consider 5U rackets and above. It is easier to play with a lighter racket but the only downside is that there will not be much power.

Ready to purchase a racket now? Head on here to make your purchase!


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