APACS Z Fusion (Black/Navy) 80 grams

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  • Similar frame design as Yonex Voltric Z-Force II racquet.
  • Lightweight (80 grams) racket is easy to maneuver and allows you to be fast in your shots.
  • 6.4mm super slim shaft cuts through air and is more aerodynamic which eventually increases your speed
  • Slightly head heavy racquet gives you power to smash. 
  • Medium stiff shaft gives you more accuracy in your shots. 
  • The frame is smaller than other racquets to balance off the head heavy and maintain the swing speed (Compact Frame).
  • Suitable for intermediate players and above that are looking for a lightweight racquet that can give you instant power for smashes. 


Flexibility: Medium Stiff
Frame Material: 30 Tonne Japan Graphite + Compact Power Quad Voltaic
Shaft Material: 24 Tonne Japan Graphite + 6.4MM Super Slim Shaft
Weight: 5U (80 +/-2 grams)
Balance Point: 295 +/- 3mm
Color: Black Navy (Matte)
Maximum Tension: 35 lbs