APACS Feather Weight 65 (Navy/Grey)

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  • One of the lightest (68 grams) racquet from APACS.
  • The frame is built with Armor High Speed Frame and hexagon throat to further reduce air resistance for a quicker swing. The built of the racquet and its lightweight makes it extremely fast
  • Easy to maneuver as it is light. 
  • Head heavy racquet gives you the power to smash. 
  • Suitable for beginner to intermediate players that are looking for a racquet that can give them more speed


Flexibility: Flexible
Frame Material: 30 Tonne Japan Graphite + High Speed Armor + Hexagon Throat
Shaft Material: 24 Tonne Japan Graphite
Weight: 7U (68 +/-2 grams)
Balance Point: 315 +/- 3mm
Color: Navy/Grey
Maximum Tension: 30 lbs